Legal Steroids for Athletic Enhancement.

Legal Steroids and Athletic Enhancement

Legal Steroids are today’s most discussed group of bodybuilding supplements. The biggest controversy is just trying to figure out what they are, and how they work. First, let us take a moment and defining “legal steroids”.


Legal Steroids, Defined “Legal steroids” is a commonly used term or phrase, to categorize any muscle building dietary supplement that has a reputation for delivering a legitimate anabolic steroid-type result, such as an increase in strength & muscle mass. Most all “legal steroids” contain potent compounds and formulas of legal, non-prescription, FDA approved dietary supplement ingredients. Since they contain various forms and blends of FDA approved ingredients, they are 100% legal under local,state and federal laws. On occasion, prohormones that are not yet banned by the FDA are referred to as legal steroids. Any product advertised as being a legal steroid  is likely a very potent combination of muscle building supplements designed for very serious athletes only. (Courtesy of Urban Dictionary)

So, assuming this definition is accurate, It seems easy to understand how in fact these potent muscle building supplements and fat burning pills are safe and effective. By doing a basic google search you can see the top reviewed brands such as Pharma Supplements, Muscle Labs USA, Militant Muscle, Primo Labz, and Muscle Mass Rx. Based on user reviews supplied by forum members at and , these potent muscle building and fat burner compounds do in fact work, and they work very well without any nasty side effects. This clearly dictates that these legal steroid supplements are a great alternative to dangerous methylated prohormones or black market anabolic steroids.

What do legal steroids do ? These unique anabolic supplements seem to offer users a variety of target effects. Products like D-Anobol and Dianadrol are sold as weight gainer pills, Tren 1 Andro,Clen 1,Winsdrol and Stanzall are anabolic fat burning pills, and A-drol, Andro Decanate and Deccabolan are popular muscle mass gainers. As you can see you can use these products to cater to your goal physique or sport enhancement needs.

So, How do you find the best product for you? Let’s discuss the bad news first. The main con is choosing the best legal steroid that is right for you. The internet is flooded with products which claim to all be the best muscle builder or fat burner, and this is where you will have to do you own research. So here is my advice – Make sure your google searches are clear and detailed. Go to and Ebay and look for “legal steroids“, this way you can read real reviews from buyers. Go to youtube and see if you can find testimonials of actual users, or even use youtube as a tool to search for the possible brand or brands you are considering. Don’t forget facebook either. Facebook is an awesome source to locate a manufacturer or specific product page. You can bet that if someone has something good or bad to say about a product….it will be said on facebook.

Now, let’s touch on the pro’s. It seems safe to assume that with the right research you can definitely find the products. Remember – google,yahoo,facebook and youtube, all great search tools. Based on the contents of discussions on the bodybuilding forums, it is a no brainer that these products are effective, so as long as you find the right ones. According to all my research the products are safe, rarely is post cycle or anti-estrogens required. The best is that these products are 100% legal. Keep in mind this does not mean that they may not be banned for use in some athletic competitions, but they are legal and can be shipped worldwide without issues with customs intercepting. During my research I noted many Military personnel choose to buy their legal steroids on, and the reviews were all great. It gave me a chance to read product reviews and it was easy to determine what the good products and manufacturers are.

Whether it be a better body, or an improvement in athletic performance, I hope this article has helped you in your quest.

Best Wishes. – Andy K.


Kelly Pavlik Retires from Boxing !

Former undisputed middleweight champ, Kelly Pavlik, announced his retirement.

The 30-year-old native of Youngstown, Ohio became the undisputed middleweight champion by beating Jermain Taylor back in 2007 in a spirited effort that saw him pull himself off the canvas to stop the defending WBC and WBO titlist. From there, the entertaining and affable blue collar battler seemed on the road to mainstream stardom before injury and a well-publicized drinking problem turned a two-year chunk of career into a mess of canceled fights and sub-par performances.

But Pavlik was a hard fighter to keep down, both inside and outside the ring, and fought through adversity in order to make another run at the main stage with new trainer, Robert Garcia, behind him.

However, it was clear that the fire was no longer there. Listless performances against second and third-tier tune-ups brought down his stock considerably and the recently-canceled Andre Ward 168 lb. championship bout would likely have been an ugly, one-sided affair if Pavlik couldn’t muster at least some of his old enthusiasm.

“When you stay in the sport too long you have health problems. That’s a big, big thing for me,” Pavlik told Dan Rafael of ESPN. “I’m not talking about now. I’m talking about in the future. I’m talking about when I’m 55 or 60. What’s gonna happen to me then? Why take any more chances, especially in that sport. It’s a brutal sport and you never know what can happen.

“I won the world title, I defended my title, I was champ for three years and I made good money. Why take the chance of medical problems? That’s a big part of it. I also don’t think the drive is there anymore. I’m moving on to a new chapter in my life.”

Pavlik insists that he’s fine, economically, with a partnership in a shopping mall and plans to open a gym in the near future, and that the desire to spend more time with his wife and two children is the real driving force behind his plan to retire. He’s also making it clear that his past struggle with alcohol abuse has nothing to do with the decision to hang up the gloves. In fact, it has been said by many who know him that Kelly is in the best physical and mental shape he has ever been in.

The former world titlist leaves behind a twelve-year professional career and a record of 40-2 with 34 KOs, highlighted by wins over Jermain Taylor (twice), Edison Miranda, Marco Antonio Rubio, Jose Luis Zertuche, Bronco McKart, and Fulgencio Zuniga. His two losses- a shockingly one-sided decision loss to Bernard Hopkins and a spirited, blood-spattered decision loss to Sergio Martinez– will also go down in the career ledger of the earnest, two-fisted fighter from Youngstown. Kelly made no excuses regarding his 2 losses,however, those in the know blame a fever stemming from the coomon flu were to blame for his less than 100% performance during those 2 bouts.

Pavlik’s biggest legacy, though, may be that of a fighter who got out at the right time and for the right reasons.

From the perspective of a fight fan, the loss of a compelling performer is never a good thing, but Pavlik was smart enough to recognize that the fire was gone and realistic enough to know when he was done as a main stage fighter. Assuming he doesn’t “get the itch” and come back for another run, everyone should be fine with his decision.

“I’m tired of leaving my family [for training camp],” Pavlik said. “It comes to a point where you just don’t want to do that anymore…my family is more important at this stage…I had a pretty good career. I was 40-2 and I only lost to two of the best guys, Martinez and Hopkins. I’m content.”

Kelly, Your friends at would like to wsh you a happy retirement. We hope you enjoy the fruits of your labor and we were truly blessed to have you grace the ring in the name of Youngstown Ohio.
Thanks for your contribution to the sport Champ !

Pavlik vs. Ward Fight is OFF !

Go Kelly !

Sounds to m like someone is scared to fight………..

Updated: December 6, 2012

Super middleweight champion Andre Ward injured his right shoulder in a sparring session last week and has been forced to postpone a Jan. 26 defense against former middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik.

“He felt a little tweak when he threw a punch and stopped immediately,” Ward’s promoter, Dan Goossen, told on Thursday. “He didn’t really think it was that damaging at first but he certainly felt pain. He went to the doctor and followed up with an MRI (on Friday). It disclosed no tears, no rotator cuff injury, nothing of devastating proportions, but there was a lot of swelling and inflammation, so the key to healing is not using the arm for a few weeks.”

Ward, 28, of Oakland, Calif., one of boxing’s elite pound-for-pound fighters, was due to make his sixth title defense against Pavlik on HBO’s “World Championship Boxing” at the Galen Center on the campus of USC in Los Angeles.

Goossen said the delay in disclosing the postponement occurred because “we were trying to get as many opinions as we could as far as the healing process. He was looking forward to Jan. 26. He’ll have to rest it, but we are in the process of trying to reschedule the fight now.”

Goossen said he hopes to keep the fight at the Galen Center, which would be hosting its first boxing event. The initial target date for the rescheduled fight is Feb. 23, Goossen said.

With the main event postponed, so too is the rest of the card. The co-feature was a heavyweight world title elimination fight between Cristobal Arreola (35-2, 30 KOs) and Bermane Stiverne (22-1-1, 20 KOs) with the winner becoming the mandatory challenger for titleholder Vitali Klitschko.

The shoulder has given Ward problems in the past, but nothing painful enough to force a fight to be postponed. He injured it during a sparring session with Oakland pro Tony Hirsch, Goossen said.

“Speaking to Andre about it, he said he has had nagging pain in his shoulder since he was a young kid, but nothing to the extent of what he felt this last time,” Goossen said.

Ward unified two 168-pound titles last December by winning the Super Six World Boxing Classic by dominating England’s Carl Froch in a decision win. That fight had been postponed for several weeks after Ward suffered a cut in sparring. And in his final sparring session before the fight, Ward fractured his right hand, yet went through with the bout and won.

That injury, in part, is what limited 2004 Olympic gold medalist Ward (26-0, 14 KOs) to just one fight this year, a dominant 10th-round knockout of light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson, who came down in weight, on Sept. 8.

“We’ve seen Andre fight through pain with a broken hand as recently as the Froch fight,” Goossen said. “If he says it’s painful and the prescription is to rest the arm, that’s what he will do.”

Pavlik (40-2, 34 KOs), 30, of Youngstown, Ohio, held the middleweight championship from 2007 to 2010.

GO KELLY !!!!!!!!!!!

Legal Steroids Performance Enhancing Compounds

Muscle Labs USA legal steroids products contain anabolic analogs that are effective for muscle gain and strength and conditioning. Legal steroids are ideal for professional athletes because their use does not violate and local,state or federal laws. Case study after case study, legal steroids go undetected in drug tested athletes and this concerns many athletic governing bodies.

output_8j4SIQThe use of performance enhancing compounds has been an issue in sports for many years. In the last few years we have heard about The world’s #1 cyclist Lance Armstrong, losing his titles due to his use of legal steroids .Although they never found legal steroids in his system, too many people have come forward testifying to his use of these amazing products. It is also being rumored that professional Boxer Manny Pacquiao is using legal steroids like those sold by Muscle Labs USA. For now, these products are completely legal for use and they have proven themselves to be very safe and effective when used properly.

If you would like to read more on legal steroids and anabolic compounds, visit

Thanks for Reading, Jon Spizale


Are There Any Legal Steroids Allowed In Boxing ?

Are There Any “Legal Steroids” or Muscle Builders Allowed in Professional Boxing ?

There is a lot a talk about legal steroids and its dangers. I was just talking to a buddy of mine who is an expert in legal steroids and he confirmed that you must know what you are doing if you choose to use legal steroids. Some of them are just barely on the market today and it is questionable on how long they will be available.

I have used just used my first cycle of Legal Steroids and have been very successful but I am also choosy as to where I buy them. I like to get them from companies who have been in the game a while and will not sell me some cheap rip off product just to make a buck.

This is why the Muscle Labs Sports Supplements brand may be an option. They are knowledgeable, provide very very fast shipping and the have an outstanding reputation. They have a great selection of stacks. So I am going to post a banner here that is one of the magazines that they advertise in. You can also see their reviews on

Good Luck !



Slug fest Boxing Youngstown Oh



Slug fest Boxing Youngstown Oh


All Star Amateur boxing

There is going to be an Event August 11th 2012 at the Orthodox Center St Peter and St. Paul

Address is 1025 North Belle Vista Youngstown Ohio

Event starts at 7pm There are 17 bouts scheduled Doors open at 6pm

Get a table before they are sold they are only $200! seats 8 people or you can get a 1/2 table for $100

There will be a full bar and food at the Slug fest Boxing Event!

Call Chuck Nelson for More details at 330.757.7273

Or you can call Joe Veneroso at 330.240.8646

Sponsorship’s are also available call Joe Vaneroso for details. 330.240.8646