Kelly Pavlik’s latest video misinterpreted!

Kelly Pavlik’s latest video misinterpreted!

Well Kelly pavlik’s new video is stirring up a lot of controversy, but there was much more to the story than meets the eye. Kelly made several positive points during this video regarding the loyal fans and he even goes on to mention some other great athletic achievements from our fine city. For those of you who take this video as an insult, you better go watch the “Kelly Pavlik puts a snake in a gym bag” video (which we will also post here for you). After watching several videos of Kelly training in California, you can only come to one conclusion……..he is a prankster. From Kelly’s car being vandalized, to him putting a poisonous snake in someone’s gym bag……they were all jokes. Do we even need to address his DUI case that everyone seems to be so concerned with? Youngstowners were quick to make statements like “his life is over”. Was anyone aware it involved a 4 wheeler on his own property? So if you thought Kelly Pavlik was driving around town drunk… were wrong about him again
Why are “Youngstowners” so quick to turn on Kelly Pavlik? Win or lose, right or wrong, strong or weak, we should always stand behind him. Are we that type of community who turns on people just because they turn out NOT to be perfect? In the video he is asked what is going on in Youngstown Ohio and he replies “not much”. Well, this is very true to some extent. It was a safe out for someone who my not be aware of some of the new things going on in Youngstown. The average person in Youngstown only knows what is reported on the news every evening. What is he going to discuss? The murders? The Shail digging causing earthquakes? Unemployment? Why judge Kelly for his simple reply. He has been focused on training, not following the news. Now, my statement was made to make a point, there is a lot that Youngstown has. Mill Creek Park is one of the finest metro parks in the United States.
So let me get to my point……the reference Kelly made regarding Youngstown being a dangerous city was clearly a joke. If your perception of his statement made you angry, you need to educate yourself? Maybe if you got to know Kelly Pavlik better you’d know this was a “playful statement” It was the same camera man who Kelly was teasing when he was putting a snake in some guys gym bag in California.
Youngstowner need to take a look at their attitudes. Why did this video offend so many people? If we know his statement is not true, why does it upset us?
Youngstown does not, nor has it ever had, the highest murder rate in the United States, why did anyone get offended? If you don’t believe me, feel free to check out the following links:
2011 Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities

Well I could not agree more. Yet the way that it is presented is almost as if the questions were loaded and I too was taken aback by Kelly comments but if you could see it through his eyes at that particular point in time I don’t think that he made any ill will statements towards Youngstown. I am sure Kelly knows that if it were not for Youngstown he would not be man he is today. Let’s also remember that there have been comments directed towards Kelly from people in Youngstown that were not too kosher either. I also noticed in that video that the interviewer was the one that said Kelly put Youngstown on the map, Kelly did not say those words. OK well that is all about I can say about this matter at this point in time.

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Maximus McCullough

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