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  1. Kelly has made his mark in the boxing world, and I believe he still has the skills to be a world champion again. He has the punching power, the physical strength, etc., but the question is, does he still have the burning desire, he had when he was climbing up the ladder to stardom? He’s made his mark in history, made millions of dollars, has become a household name. I think his desire has dwindled down to an ex-champ’s status, just going through the motions, not really needing to, or wanting to, prove anything, to anyone. Kelly should be happy, and unquestionably proud of his achievements. Invest his money wisely, and enjoy life, living with his outstanding, glorious memories, and be happy knowing, at one time in his life, he was a real champ, the best in the world. But what ever he decides to do, I wish him continued success in life.

    • Thanks Rusty for your comments we could not agree more! It means a lot coming from a champ like you!

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  2. Very well said Mr. Rosenberger. I stand by Kelly as a fan. We were all fans when he was #1, but when he makes some minor mistakes (like all of us humans do) are we going to turn on him ? Is that what youngstown is? Are we all just a bunch of front runners? I think the comments Kelly made were not very serious at all. He spent more time discussing the great athletes that come from our area than he did anything else. When asked what was going on back in youngstown he replied “not much”……well that is sorta true. Than he made a joking statement about youngstown being one of the most dangerous cities ……that was obviously a joke because it is simply not true. Give the guy a break, he doesn’t owe us anything and he isn’t bothering anyone. I firmly believe Kelly does have a few more phenomenal fights left in him. Right now, he does have something to prove, and if he feels that, than his next ooponenet better watch out. For all of you haters who wanna talk about his DUI case, are you aware it was for riding a 4 wheeler on his own property? Kelly is a good guy, who are any of us to judge his actions? KELLY…..YOUNGSTOWN OHIO WISHES YOU THE BEST KID !

    • I agree with byron, which led to my Raising Arizona, Rushmore, Best in Show, Annie Hall. And Arizona beat Best In Show for the championship! I thgohut Raising Arizona had the easiest time to the finals (after beating Bueller in the first round). Annie Hall had the toughest route facing The Jerk, Strangelove, and Holy Grail. Although the best game of the tourney was the OT battle between Princess Bride and Best in Show.

  3. I too, wish Kelly the best on his on going climb to another title shot, he certainly capable to regain that world class status. no one can ever know what is burning inside this mans heart but Kelly himself! Youngstown, Ohio is and will always be my town and this town MUST continue the support behind our Champion! just as we did for all our Y-Town’s Champions.

  4. The problem, right off the bat, was the mauhtcp of Ferris Bueller v. Raising Arizona in the first round. Both would have made my final four, along with Princess Bride, of course. I went with Raising Arizona in a squeaker over Bueller. “You’re just hurting yourself with this rambunctious behavior…”

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